Aluminum Bottles – Best for Perfumes – But Cold

I came across an interesting article in that mentioned aluminum bottles .

Molinard Eaux Naturelle Aluminum Bottle

Molinard Eaux Naturelle Aluminum Bottle

According to this article, ” . . . preservation of perfumes is of vital significance as it degrades if kept carelessly. In the old times all perfumes used to come in open bottles with caps and these bottles kept the fragrance intact for about a year.

Now it is a well-known fact light-tight aluminum bottles are best for the preservation of perfumes, especially when they are refrigerated at low temperatures from 3 to 7 degree Celsius.”

3 degrees Celsius?  That’s 37.4 degrees Farenheit!  That’s just 5 degrees above freezing.

Considering the prices of some of these fragrances, and assuming the article is correct,  it behooves perfume users to store their favorite expensive scents not on their dressers but in the refrigerator 🙂 .

I think I’ll transfer some of my favorite colognes into some empty aluminum bottles.


Aluminum Bottles for Kabul Aoud Perfume

I don’t immediately associate Afghanistan with perfumes or even aluminum bottles.

So I was intrigued to read about the launch of Kabul Aoud, a high-end perfume created by Montale Perfumes.  It is made with essential oils from cedar, guaiacwood and aoud, which is a resinous wood that is quite rare and a target of poachers.

The aluminum bottle is a beautiful black.  As we all know, aluminum is superior to glass in protecting against sunlight.

Searching on Amazon, I found some of Montale’s perfumes retailing at $210 for a 3.3 oz. bottle.  That’s almost $64 an ounce!

If you read my previous post on how to store perfumes to make them last, then you should probably stick this aluminum bottle in the refrigerator.

Aluminum Bottles for Coke in Israel

Aluminum Bottles Coke Israel

Aluminum Bottles Coke Israel

I’m always on the lookout for aluminum bottles on ebay.  Not because I’m a collector, but because I’m absolutely fascinated by the asking prices of these bottles, many of which are used.

Consider this batch of three bottles from Israel.  I am assuming they were sold in Israel.  I’ve certainly never seen them here in the USA.

The seller is asking for $19.99 for the three bottles plus about $9 for shipping.  So that’s almost $30 for three empty aluminum bottles or $10 each!  I could get a decent bottle of Chardonnay for that price.

They’re beautiful bottles and I am still quite puzzled that we don’t see  more of them in the USA.  I sometimes drop into liquor stores to see what new aluminum bottles they carry.   So far, I’ve only come across the usual Bud aluminum bottles, which I don’t particularly like, design-wise.

Aluminum Bottles for Chocolate Milk

The aluminum milk bottle has returned.  Some older folks will remember when milk used to be delivered to your doorstep in heavy aluminum bottles.  The plain aluminum bottle to the left weighs one pound!

Aluminum Milk Bottle

Old Aluminum Milk Bottle

Niagara Cooperative Inc., has launched a chocolate milk in a beautifully-decorated aluminum bottle.   As most aluminum bottle afficionados know, these bottles can chill fast and stay colder longer.

I like the product’s name – Crave.  I like the bottle design even more.  With the rich chocolate brown color, there’s no mistaking what’s inside this aluminum bottle. They also made the cap chocolate brown.

Supposedly, these bottles are “frost free”.  But what is more interesting is that because of the company’s pasteurization process, this chocolate milk can actually be stored at room temperature!

I wonder where in the supermarket you can find this product then? Should I look in the refrigerated sections, where the usual milk and juice cartons are – or should I try looking in the bottled juices section?

Aluminum Bottle for Chocolate Liqueur

Lovoka is a drink made with vodka and infused with chocolate and caramel.  It’s bottled in South Africa.  The Lovoka folks say that it is best served ice cold.  You can put the bottle in the freezer and then drink it neat.  Or if you prefer, you can mix it with your coffee or drizzle it over ice cream.

The Lovoka people packaged their product in a lovely 750ml aluminum bottle.  Because it’s best enjoyed ice cold, using an aluminum bottle is absolutely ideal.  The Lovoka people point out that their product is  BPA free.

I’m not a huge liqueur fan but I personally like the Lovoka aluminum bottle design.  It has a nice neck that one associates with fine wine glass bottles.  Its 750 ml size is equal to the standard wine bottle.  It just looks like a premium product.

I just don’t know if it is available in the USA.

Aluminum Bottle for Carling Beer Rebranding

Aluminum Bottle Carling

Aluminum Bottle Carling

It looks like Molson is launching a multi-million rebranding exercise of its premium lager, Carling, using a new aluminum bottle design.

As I wrote in my previous post about the trend towards aluminum packaging among craft beer brewers, I believe it’s best to use a classic bottle shape to convey the image of an artisanal product.  Unfortunately, most consumers still perceive beers packaged in cans as cheap products, notwithstanding the fact that many outstanding brewers use cans for their products.

To break from the mold, and to to succeed in rebranding, I really believe the classic bottle shape with neck is ideal and that the use of the aluminum bottle in particular can make a real statement.

The Carling bottle pictured here almost looks like one of the newer Johnnie Walker Black Label bottles.

Great move on the part of Molson.