Aluminum Bottle for Chocolate Liqueur

Lovoka is a drink made with vodka and infused with chocolate and caramel.  It’s bottled in South Africa.  The Lovoka folks say that it is best served ice cold.  You can put the bottle in the freezer and then drink it neat.  Or if you prefer, you can mix it with your coffee or drizzle it over ice cream.

The Lovoka people packaged their product in a lovely 750ml aluminum bottle.  Because it’s best enjoyed ice cold, using an aluminum bottle is absolutely ideal.  The Lovoka people point out that their product is  BPA free.

I’m not a huge liqueur fan but I personally like the Lovoka aluminum bottle design.  It has a nice neck that one associates with fine wine glass bottles.  Its 750 ml size is equal to the standard wine bottle.  It just looks like a premium product.

I just don’t know if it is available in the USA.


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