Free Beer in Aluminum Bottles

Carling Aluminum Bottle

Carling Aluminum Bottle

Free beer?  In an aluminum bottle?  Delivered to you?

That’s exactly what the folks at Carling are offering for the Big Jubilee Lunch on June 3 in England.  I guess June 3 was when Queen Elizabeth was crowned.

As the official beer for the Jubilee, Carling says you can go on the Carling website and claim a free aluminum bottle of Carling for “every adult attendee in your Jubilee party.  Then they will deliver the beer to your address.

Sounds almost too good to be true.

There will only be 300,000 aluminum bottles of Carling made available for this generous promotion.  No doubt, there are some restrictions and some legal terms and conditions.

But, all in all, it sounds like a “jolly good deal”!


New Coke Aluminum Bottle for 2012 Olympics

Coke-Olympic-Games-Aluminum bottles

Coke-Olympic-Games-Aluminum bottles

I’ll admit that I really like the recent aluminum bottle designs of Coca-Cola.  I’ve blogged in the past about their designer aluminum bottles by Karl Lagerfeld and other designers.

Here’s another beautifully designed aluminum bottle launched by Coca-Cola South Pacific as a commemorative token of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The decoration of this aluminum bottle is especially bold and creative.  Half of the the aluminum bottle shows Olympic Games graphics such as the Olympic rings, while  the other half shows a combination of the colors of classic Coca-Cola, Coke Zero and Diet Coke.

It’s a limited editiom of 250 mL aluminum bottles, and will be available only from June 8 through August.

Sorry – they won’t be available in the USA.

They surely will become collectors’ items.

Aluminum Bottle for Premium Liqueur Takes Off

Lovoka Aluminum Bottle

Lovoka Aluminum Bottlealuminum bottle.

In  a previous post, I wrote about Lovoka, a new entrant to the premium liqueur category in South Africa, that launched in a beautifully designed silver aluminum bottle.

As I wrote in another post, aluminum bottles have been shown to be quite effective in revitalizing sales for mature brands.

Apparently, the use of aluminum bottles has indeed helped sales of Lovoka, which was launched in late 2010.  It has been quite successful, with “sales growing exponentially month on month”, according to Gourmet SA.

Lovoka is packaged in a 750ml aluminum bottle and won ”Product of the Year” for both 2011 and 2012.

Sadly, I don’t think they are available in the USA.

New Aluminum Bottle for Pepsi

Pepsi has launched a new 33 cl aluminum bottle with a lemon-flavored cola.

Aluminum Bottle Pepsi Twist

Aluminum Bottle Pepsi Twist

I love this bottle.

I’ve said a few times that I’ve never quite understood why beverage companies use blue to decorate their aluminum bottles.

But the Pepsi Twist aluminum bottle has bright yellow text which contrasts very nicely with the blue background.  More importantly, the long neck reminds one of traditional glass beer bottles or even demi-bottles for wine.

This aluminum bottle is resealable.  This is one feature I really appreciate.

It’s nice to able to twist-off the bottle top, take a sip, and then reseal the bottle to keep it fresh and cool for as long as possible.

My only complaint – it’s only available in Italy 😦

Aluminum Bottle for Craft Beer

Chaka Aluminum Bottle

Chaka Aluminum Bottle

So we have yet another aluminum bottle for the fast growing craft beer segment.

Chaka beer is the result of a collaboration between Colorado-based Oskar Blues Brewery and Indiana-based Sun King Brewery .

It is supposedly the first craft beer to be packaged in the Alumi-Tek® re-sealable pint bottle . As expected, it will be available in limited quantities only.

Chaka is an 8 % A.B.V. Belgian-style ale that uses hickory syrup from Indiana and grain from Colorado.

I’m sure the beer is good.  But I just wish they did a better job in the decoration of the aluminum bottle.  Blood red, blue and orange?  Those are not colors that remind me of beer.  The cap looks like it is dripping blood 😦 .  I don’t think they’ll win any aluminum bottle design awards.