Aluminum Bottles for Coke in Israel

Aluminum Bottles Coke Israel

Aluminum Bottles Coke Israel

I’m always on the lookout for aluminum bottles on ebay.  Not because I’m a collector, but because I’m absolutely fascinated by the asking prices of these bottles, many of which are used.

Consider this batch of three bottles from Israel.  I am assuming they were sold in Israel.  I’ve certainly never seen them here in the USA.

The seller is asking for $19.99 for the three bottles plus about $9 for shipping.  So that’s almost $30 for three empty aluminum bottles or $10 each!  I could get a decent bottle of Chardonnay for that price.

They’re beautiful bottles and I am still quite puzzled that we don’t see  more of them in the USA.  I sometimes drop into liquor stores to see what new aluminum bottles they carry.   So far, I’ve only come across the usual Bud aluminum bottles, which I don’t particularly like, design-wise.


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