Aluminum Bottles for Wine – Advantages

I came across a very interesting article by Sharon Kapnick that extols the virtues of alternative packaging for wines.

Most of us in the aluminum bottle business already know the very real advantages of using packaging for aluminum. Ms. Kapnick’s article points out some of the more innovative applications such as the use of a Cooldot sticker on the Mommessin Beaujolais Grande Réserve aluminum wine bottle. The dot turns blue when the proper serving temperature is reached. Mommesin’s Beaujolais was also featured in Chow Hound, a leading foodie website. Aluminum’s quick cooling properties and its ability to keep contents cooler longer are also a huge plus for wines.

Ms. Kapnick also zeroes in on the compelling environmental arguments for using other packaging alternatives to glass. “No one has embraced the innovative-packaging trend more than Jean-Charles Boisset of Boisset Family Estates ( He cleverly puts the situation into perspective when he cites what has come to be known as Boisset’s 70% Rule: More than 31.2 billion bottles of wine are consumed worldwide each year; 70% of them retail for under $12 a bottle, 70% are consumed within 28 minutes to 3 hours of purchase, and 70% of the cost goes to packaging, shipping and related expenses. Conclusion: It’s ridiculous to use 17th century technology for most 21st century wines!”

Amen. I will have to try Mr. Boisset’s beaujolais sometime.

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