Aluminum Bottle for Hangover Beverage

We’ve seen aluminum bottles used for packaging beers, wines and liquors. Now they’re using aluminum bottles for hangover drinks. Yes – it’s exactly what it sounds. HOT Hangover Tea is supposedly an “invigorating drink that wards off the unpleasant sensations of a hangover.” The makers of Hot wanted an innovative new container for their new product and chose a brushed aluminum bottle.

The HOT aluminum bottle is re-sealable (using plastic caps) and is being launched initially in Latin America. So now you add the aluminum hangover bottle to the aluminum wine bottles, aluminum beer bottles and liquor bottles in your picnic cooler!

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Aluminum Bottles for Wine – A Real Trend?

I came across a very insightful post by Rochelle Fainstein of Sterling Brands on the growing trend towards the use of aluminum bottles for packaging wine. (Click here to see the entire post).

Ms. Fainstein points out some powerful arguments for the use of aluminum including“the longest shelf life at 2 years on average, the ability to be cooled 5x faster than other materials, the availability of a wide range of shapes and sizes, and no U/V damage to the product. Removable liners maintain the freshness of the wine in aluminum bottles and the elimination of paper labels with direct-to-bottle graphics and printing not only creates less waste, but also allows for some graphically stunning design results.”

Aluminum bottles are certainly starting to prove their worth in many aspects of the value chain, from production to marketing.

Perhaps the single factor limiting further growth and acceptance is the limited awareness of the advantages of using aluminum bottles among consumers and companies. Hopefully this will change with the arrival of a breakthrough product that can really capture the imagination of consumers. When that happens, there will surely be a lot more products in aluminum bottles in supermarket shelves.

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Resealable Coors Aluminum Beer Bottle

MillerCoors has launched a new Coors Light package called the Coors Light Silver Bullet Aluminum Pint.

What’s interesting about this new aluminum beer bottle is that it is resealable. Beer drinkers who are accustomed to twist-off caps can certainly appreciate this. Now they can put back the cap and keep the beer from going flat too quickly.

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Aluminum Milk Bottles

Upstate Niagara Cooperative in Buffalo, NY is launching a chocolate-flavored dairy beverage that they are calling Crave.

Crave is supposedly “shelf-stable” and comes in an aluminum bottle. They also claim that it also “provides superior taste”. I think it’s safe to say that most consumers are conscious of sell-by dates for perishable products such as milk. Most of them also buy their milk in cartons or plastic bottles in the refrigerated sections of supermarkets. The last time I saw aluminum milk bottles was in a carnival. They were stacked together for people to knock down with balls.

That’s why Crave is an interesting “retro” product that takes advantage of the green movement to provide a product with a well-known need.

Products such as Crave are ultra-pasteurized and can be left unrefrigerated on store shelves for two months.
The light-proof properties of aluminum bottles are probably a plus for letting dairy products keep longer without spoiling. It’s certainly a boon for retailers.

Crave isn’t out yet, but I will certainly watch out for it.

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Aluminum Bottles as Wedding Gifts

People find all sorts of neat ways to use aluminum bottles.

These bottles are already getting used as promotional items for companies. One company now makes personalized aluminum bottles as bridesmaids’ gifts.

So why not use personalized aluminum bottles as wedding favors or tokens? I’ve always hated bringing home wedding favors, which 9 times out of 10, are pretty useless anyway. I think it would be a better idea to give guests their own personalized aluminum bottle, with a little information on the wedding printed on the bottle. This way, guests can always remember the wedding when they take a swig from the bottle!

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