Aluminum Bottle Refilling Fountains



Here’s an excellent example of thinking green and at the same time thinking holistically when it comes to the use of aluminum bottles.

A class at Pratt Institute decided to focus attention on the use of existing water fountains around campus as refilling stations, using aluminum bottles, of course.

They decided to create a branding system that would make it easy for students to find the water fountains. They even came up with a catchy phrase – “Tap at Pratt” and created designs for signage and posters using blue, white and straight lines.

I would have gone further and branded the aluminum bottles themselves with the “Tap at Pratt” logo.

For me – this is such a great idea. I had a previous post about water refilling stations at Chicago airports. There are a lot more schools than airports so the impact of this initiative of Pratt could be significant, especially if other schools follow suit.

I am always queasy about drinking directly from public water fountains. With an aluminum bottle, I can do a quick refill and be on my way.


Aluminum Bottles/Packaging Demand Growing

Alcoa Logo

Alcoa Logo

We know that the demand for aluminum bottles and all sorts of aluminum packaging is really growing.

We see it in the steady stream of new products packaged in aluminum bottles. This blog has chronicled some of them including aluminum bottles for perfume, beer, fruit juices, whiskeys, wines, etc.

Aluminum giant Alcoa confirms what we have been seeing in both the consumer and industrial markets. The company sees 2011 global aluminum demand growing by 12% and doubling within 10 years! That is indeed very healthy growth, especially in these dismal economic times. In comparison, steel demand is expected to grow by only 5.3% in 2011.

While a lot of the volume is coming from transportation and infrastructure, Alcoa noted that its packaging segment is up 45%. That represents a lot of growth in usage of aluminum bottles, cans and other aluminum packaging materials.

We can expect continued growth in aluminum bottles, both industrial and consumer, as awareness of aluminum’s advantages especially in environmental friendliness grows.

The Perfect Aluminum Beer Bottle Accessory

Beer Froster

Beer Froster

If you like your beer cold, this is the perfect accessory for you.

Oenophiles have their wine refrigerators. Now beer aficionados can have perfectly chilled beer using this appliance called the Beer Froster.

According to, a beer chilled in their device “is so cold that the moisture that condenses on it from the air will flash-freeze. It will literally fall out of the air as frost. When you open the beer to drink, a small amount of water may flash-freeze on the surface, extending the coldness. This should re-melt when drunk or decanted.”

But here’s the most important point, at least for me. says that “The coldest beer is going to be in an aluminum bottle. Due to its shape and composition, it will accept the lowest temperatures.”

Maybe that new La Benedicta aluminum beer bottle would be a perfect match for this beer froster 🙂

La Benedicta Aluminum Beer Bottle

Yet another aluminum beer bottle is being launched.

La Benedicta Aluminum Bottle

La Benedicta Aluminum Bottle

This time it’s from the Dominican Republic and it will be launched in Santo Domingo, the country’s capital.

It’s aimed at the 18-25 year old demographic, which tends to be more environmentally-conscious and trend-setting. The aluminum bottle itself is impact-extruded and very light. As many consumers are now learning, these aluminum bottles cool faster than glass, are unbreakable and 100% recyclable, and allow for stunning graphics that cannot be achieved on conventional glass bottles.

As I’ve noted in several posts now, the lightness of these bottles make them ideal for outdoor events. And what could be better than lying on the beach in Punta Cana, with a cold light beer in a cool lightweight aluminum bottle?