Aluminum Bottle Refilling Fountains



Here’s an excellent example of thinking green and at the same time thinking holistically when it comes to the use of aluminum bottles.

A class at Pratt Institute decided to focus attention on the use of existing water fountains around campus as refilling stations, using aluminum bottles, of course.

They decided to create a branding system that would make it easy for students to find the water fountains. They even came up with a catchy phrase – “Tap at Pratt” and created designs for signage and posters using blue, white and straight lines.

I would have gone further and branded the aluminum bottles themselves with the “Tap at Pratt” logo.

For me – this is such a great idea. I had a previous post about water refilling stations at Chicago airports. There are a lot more schools than airports so the impact of this initiative of Pratt could be significant, especially if other schools follow suit.

I am always queasy about drinking directly from public water fountains. With an aluminum bottle, I can do a quick refill and be on my way.


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