Aluminum Is Green Packaging

right_sustainability_o1 Aluminum packaging looks very well-positioned in the new “green revolution”. Everything is going green these days – green computing, green buildings, green energy, and of course green packaging. According to the Aluminum Association, “the aluminum industry recovers approximately 54% of the aluminum containers produced in the U.S.” More significantly, the aluminum industry is targeting a 75% recycling rate by 2015 (see article text here).

This is really quite a significant target and a story that both consumers and packagers should really know. Most people would probably think that glass containers have better recycling rates than aluminum. In fact, according to the EPA, “only 22% of glass containers were recycled in 2003, as compared to 44% for aluminum cans.” The Container Recycling Institute reported that in 2006 aluminum recycling rates were at
45.2%, vs. 23.5% for PET plastic and 27.8% for glass.

Aluminum’s recyclability and sustainability are clear pluses for the environment, especially in this new environmentally-conscious US administration. We’re already seeing greater use of aluminum packaging in many new applications such as wine. So expect a lot more stories in this e-zine on aluminum as a green packaging material!

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Elemental Container E-zine

Welcome to the Elemental Container E-zine! Together with our website at, this ezine will give you lots of information on our aluminum packaging business, including new products and services, news, useful articles, customer news and a whole lot more. It will be updated constantly with articles, podcasts and and even videos like the one below. So keep coming back!

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Aluminum Cans for Promo Packaging

aluminum cans for promotional packaging
Aluminum is a great material for promoting new products, and relaunching existing products.  It’s  no surprise that even wines are now being packaged in aluminum.

There are some new aluminum cans that are rugged, lightweight, versatile & and really cool.  They’re all recyclable and can be readily re-used by consumers.  Here’s some basic info on this line:
• Range of 12 diameters with lengths up to 265mm on some larger diameters: 20mm, 23mm, 27mm, 30mm, 33mm, 37mm, 40mm, 46mm, 50mm, 53mm, 63mm, 75mm
• canisters can be supplied
• can be made with or without an inward curl
• comes with lined or unlined caps (packed separately)
• coated internally
• printed 1-4 colors on a base coat externally
• can be embossed to customer specific requirements (with a small tooling cost)

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The Plus Line Of Industrial Aluminum Bottles

Our Plus line of industrial aluminum bottles is one of our most widely used products. They’re excellent for packaging various liquid products and come in a wide range of capacities, from small 1.6 oz sample bottles – to large 32 liter bottles. They’re all tamper-proof. Click here for more info on this line . . .

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Soft Line Extreme Aluminum Cans

softlinealuminumcansThe new Soft Line Extreme range of aluminum consists of continuously threaded, leak-proof containers made out of indefinitely recyclable aluminum.  They’re suitable for gels, creams, balms and many other products including toiletries, hair-care, creams, gels, clays, waxes, body butters, household goods, herbs, spices, powders, candles, polishes.  We’re seeing more and more products from leading cosmetic and bath/body companies in aluminum!

 The Soft Line Extreme cans are available with a clear coating, and can also be color coated, embossed or decorated.  They can also be fitted with EPE liners or a window lids.  Capacities are 75ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml – 2.6oz, 5.3oz, 7oz, 8.8oz

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Brushed Aluminum Bottle With Sifter

sifterHere’s an ideal package for talcum powder and other powdery products. Maybe it might even be good for salt? Maybe for some spices? I would imagine that with the proper lining, you could put a lot of products in this new package.

It’s a 6 oz package and has six holes and stands 50 x 140mm. Actually, it reminds me a lot of a boston shaker with the cap removed 🙂

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