Aluminum Bottles for DNA-Based Perfume

I’ve heard of personalized perfumes and personalized bottles but this product takes the cake.

The My DNA Fragrance company creates individual fragrances using your DNA genetic code! They are kept in light-tight aluminum bottles and they recommend that they store them in temperatures of about 37-47 degrees Fahrenheit. Here’s how the company describes the process:

“A DNA Swab Kit will be sent to you within 24-48 hours of confirmation of your order by USPS 1st class mail. for the collection of your sample. The swab collection process is painless and as simple as brushing your teeth. Follow the enclosed instructions and send your sample back directly to our laboratory to protect your privacy. Once your DNA sample is processed we will email you a copy of your DNA Genetic Code for your records and the perfumer will begin your formulation process.”

Now if you can have the aluminum bottle personalized, then you will have a truly one-of-a-kind perfume that absolutely no one can replicate. Unless you steal the DNA genetic code? Hmm . . .

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Aluminum Bottles for Home Soda Machine

I’ve often wondered if I could prepare my own carbonated water. I could save on buying commercial bottled water and also help the environment, especially by not buying water in plastic bottles.

A company called Sodastream has developed a home gadget that will carbonate tap water which you can then serve or store in bottles. It’s the size of most coffee makers or food processors. You can even add flavor to the carbonated water such as lemon lime, orange, etc.

Oddly enough, the bottle provided by the company is plastic! I think a much better idea would be to provide an aluminum bottle. That would make it a truly green product end to end.

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Aluminum Bottle for Dogs & Cats

This is probably the most unusual application of aluminum bottles that I’ve come across – unscented sardine-anchovy oil for dogs or cats!

It supposedly is an odorless liquid that is dispensed via a brushed aluminum bottle pump and claims to promote a healthy, shiny coat on dogs and cats. It also supposedly enhances your pet’s appetite by “by adding an appealing cod liver flavor”. I guess dogs and cats like cod liver. I hated it as a kid 🙂

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Aluminum Bottle for Heineken

Heineken recently hired French designer Ora-Ïto to develop a new aluminum bottle design.

It’s quite a bold design, especially with its use of white. Most aluminum beer bottles I’ve seen are in silver, red or other flashy colors. Ora-Ito’s Icone Pure design uses the iconic green Heineken logo against the rather stark white background.

Ora-Ïto is actually a pseudonym used by designer Ito Morabito, who was born in Marseille, France. Interestingly enough, some of Morabito’s first works were knock-offs of real brands such as Louis Vuitton and Apple Mac.

Many other brands have noticed Morabito’s work and have commissioned him for their own designs. Notable brands in the Morabito client list are Nike, Yves Saint Laurent, Adidas, and Levi’s.

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