Aluminum Bottle for Heineken

Heineken recently hired French designer Ora-Ïto to develop a new aluminum bottle design.

It’s quite a bold design, especially with its use of white. Most aluminum beer bottles I’ve seen are in silver, red or other flashy colors. Ora-Ito’s Icone Pure design uses the iconic green Heineken logo against the rather stark white background.

Ora-Ïto is actually a pseudonym used by designer Ito Morabito, who was born in Marseille, France. Interestingly enough, some of Morabito’s first works were knock-offs of real brands such as Louis Vuitton and Apple Mac.

Many other brands have noticed Morabito’s work and have commissioned him for their own designs. Notable brands in the Morabito client list are Nike, Yves Saint Laurent, Adidas, and Levi’s.

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