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ElementalContainer-AluminumPackagingYouCanTrust-120X240-gif_256Check out one of the banners we created.

We’ll be coming out with some interesting new content for this new year – starting out with these little advertising banners.  This one was just launched and it directs to one of our pages on our website.

We have a lot more planned new content so keep coming back over the next few weeks.




Aluminum Bottles US HQ – Solar Panel Roof

I’m proud to say that when it comes to environmental consciousness and sustainability,, aka Elemental Container, practices what it preaches.

We recently installed solar panels on the roof of the Elemental Container building in Union, NJ. Take a look at the neat pictures below. Click on the pictures to get a blow-up view.  BTW – if you look at the satellite photo of the roof of our building, you won’t see the solar panels.  It’s time for the satellite to take another photo!  🙂

We actually get 100% of our power from this solar panel farm on our roof.  I mean everything – air conditioning, computers, lighting, etc. This is one green initiative that mirrors the sustainability of our own aluminum bottles.

Aluminum Bottles Solar Panel Roof

Aluminum Bottles Solar Panel Roof

Aluminum Bottles Solar Panel Roof

Aluminum Bottles Solar Panel Roof

Aluminum Bottles Solar Panel Roof

Aluminum Bottles Solar Panel Roof

Aluminum Bottles and “Downweighting”

There’s an excellent article in the Aluminum Association about the benefits of “downweighting”.

I guess “downweighting” is now part of our lexicon, just like “downsizing”.

In another Aluminum Association article, an aluminum industry executive is quoted as saying “A transition to strong, affordable and carbon-reducing aluminum already is underway, which will enable cars and trucks to get lighter – not necessarily smaller – and more fuel efficient. As both NHTSA and EPA have agreed, such a transition is a good thing both for consumers and the environment . . .”

You could substitute the terms cars and trucks in the quote with a variety of products – wine bottles, beer bottles, perfume bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, etc. – and you would get the same benefits.

In a previous post, I talked about the weight advantages of aluminum bottles vs. steel drums.

I hope companies will better understand the advantages of aluminum bottles and actively pursue downweighting their products.

Aluminum Perfume Bottles – Keep ‘Em Cold

I came across another article that espouses keeping perfumes and other expensive scents in aluminum bottles and in the refrigerator.

Fragonard Aluminum Bottle Gold

Fragonard Aluminum Bottle Gold

This article from suggests the following:

  • keep the perfumes in their original boxes or
  • store them in aluminum bottles and
  • store the aluminum bottles in the refrigerator at between 37-45 degrees Fahrenheit
  • use aluminum bottles of the same capacity as the original packaging so that there is little space between the liquid and the lid
  • use a spray head to minimize contact with the outside air
Aluminum Spray Head

Aluminum Spray Head

For the spray head, something like our white spray pump would do very well.  Just get one of our cosmetic aluminum bottles, transfer the perfume, attach the spray head, and then stick the bottle in the fridge.

It won’t look as pretty as a custom designed aluminum perfume bottle such as the gorgeous gold bottle we developed for Fragonard.

Then again, if you’re paying big bucks for your scents, you might as well make sure they last.  Using an aluminum bottle seems a very small price to pay.

Aluminum Bottles – Best for Perfumes – But Cold

I came across an interesting article in that mentioned aluminum bottles .

Molinard Eaux Naturelle Aluminum Bottle

Molinard Eaux Naturelle Aluminum Bottle

According to this article, ” . . . preservation of perfumes is of vital significance as it degrades if kept carelessly. In the old times all perfumes used to come in open bottles with caps and these bottles kept the fragrance intact for about a year.

Now it is a well-known fact light-tight aluminum bottles are best for the preservation of perfumes, especially when they are refrigerated at low temperatures from 3 to 7 degree Celsius.”

3 degrees Celsius?  That’s 37.4 degrees Farenheit!  That’s just 5 degrees above freezing.

Considering the prices of some of these fragrances, and assuming the article is correct,  it behooves perfume users to store their favorite expensive scents not on their dressers but in the refrigerator 🙂 .

I think I’ll transfer some of my favorite colognes into some empty aluminum bottles.

Guinness Aluminum Beer Bottle

Guinness Aluminum Beer Bottle

Guinness Aluminum Beer Bottle

Guinness actually does not have an aluminum beer bottle.

But I did come across this really neat design for an aluminum bottle for the venerable English beer by someone named Julien Muller.  You can take a look at his work here.

I like the angular shape which is quite different from most aluminum beer bottle designs which are rounded.  The design is part of a project by Muller called  “Prism, Stripes & Diamond bottles”.

The malleability of aluminum would probably make this non-traditional design feasible.  The Guinness “brand police” would probably not allow any bottle not to have their iconic Guinness logo.  But theirs is a dark logo and would probably blend easily with Muller’s design.

It’s wonderful how aluminum bottles have become the new canvasses  for today’s artists and  designers. On Flickr

We’ve decided to add some of our photos to Flickr. You can see the Flickr site here.

Our current website has a lot of our product photos. We figured we could give our readers another way to view all the photos quickly in one place, without having to flip through many pages. It’s also an easy way for us to show some other photos that may not necessarily be aluminum bottles.

New photos that we upload to our Flickr site will show on the bottom right corner of this blog.

Stay tuned!

Aluminum Bottles As Collectibles (And Investments?)

I am simply amazed at collectors’ interest in aluminum bottles.

Recently, I posted about the new aluminum bottle packaging for Jack Daniels Whiskey which was just launched last month. They are being sold in 4-packs at $9.99. That means each bottle is retailing at about $2.50 each.

I just checked ebay and I found a listing for one (1) Jack Daniels aluminum bottle for $29.99! If you add shipping of $15, the total cost of this bottle is $45.

That’s a 1,099% ROI!  That certainly beats any investment out there, including commodities like gold and silver which are experiencing bull markets these days.

If this guy is able to sell this bottle at that price, these bottles will be flying off the shelves, but for reasons other than drinking 🙂