Aluminum Fuel Bottles

It seems there is growing interest in the use of aluminum bottles for storing gasoline, kerosene, alcohol and other fuels.

Interest is coming from backpackers, motorcyclists, campers and even some survivalists. No fancy artwork or designs needed for these bottles. Just safety, low weight, portability and durability.

So you can expect to see these aluminum bottles not just in city streets but in the wilderness, strapped to backpacks and dirt bikes and in tents.

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Aluminum Bottles for Advertising and Brand Building

Drinkware could become one of the more cost-effective ways of delivering corporate advertising and building a brand. A lot of people like to get ceramic coffee mugs at trade shows. I have dozens of mugs myself, but they usually end up sitting on the shelf or used as pen holders.

The aluminum bottle is ideal for storing one’s favorite beverage. And it’s great for walking around a convention or trade show floor. No need to line up to buy soda (or bottled water). Just head for the water fountain and fill up.

An aluminum bottle will literally be in one’s face several times in a day. It could become one of the better ways to advertise in this new eco-conscious market.

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Designer Aluminum Bottles

Perhaps the ultimate in custom designed aluminum bottles would be one designed by a world-renowned fashion designer. Karl Lagerfeld recently came out with a design for Coke Light bottles. These were unveiled at Parisian boutique Colette. The bottles were sold for about $5 each, or as limited-edition boxed sets for $80.

Interestingly enough, Lagerfeld does not seem to be the first fashion designer to create designs for an aluminum bottle. Famous shoe designer Manolo Blahnik has come out with similar designs for Coke. Further evidence that the aluminum bottle has indeed become a minor cultural phenomenon.

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Aluminum Bottle Art

In a previous post, we observed that the aluminum bottle has become a minor cultural phenomenon. Indeed, the aluminum bottle is now being used as a canvas for some avant-garde artists. Green Label Art is a group of artists including graphic designers, tatoo artists, etc. that use Mountain Dew aluminum bottles to showcase their artistic creations. So these aluminum bottles are not just green, but cool and hip!

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More Collectible Aluminum Bottles

It seems there is a thriving market for collecting aluminum bottles. A search on ebay shows over 2,300 listings for aluminum bottles. There are listings for sets of bottles as well as individual bottles.
The custom Coke aluminum bottles made for the 2010 Shanghai Expo is a case in point. These bottles are being sold at $40 a piece on ebay! There are even price differences for opened vs unopened bottles.

It seems the aluminum bottle is becoming a minor cultural phenomenon.

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Aluminum Bottles for Fruit Juices

I came across a very interesting use for aluminum bottles – packaging of fruit juices.

Planet Fuel is an innovative company based in Connecticut that makes “low-sugar, organic juices for kids with no preservatives, additives or refined sugars”. It uses aluminum bottles since it considers it as “one of the most environmentally friendly containers available. With each recycled can, you save enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours!”

There’s a clear trend towards environmentally-friendly packaging and aluminum fits the bill in many ways. Planet Fuel is another company that is strengthening the case for the use of aluminum bottles.

I’ve started to notice more aluminum bottles in freezer cases in supermarkets and I look forward to seeing a Planet Fuel juice bottle soon.

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