Aluminum Bottle – Optimum Opening Diameter

Coke Aluminum Bottle

Coke Aluminum Bottle

I came across this interesting article about the optimum diameter for aluminum bottle openings.

The article states that “The majority of Japanese consumers believe that the opening diameters of screw-top aluminium bottles are too small, a study has found, while also determining that 33mm is the optimum size for ‘drinking ease’.”

Apparently, the standard 28mm opening was deemed too small for comfort in the research study. On the other hand, 38mm was deemed to big.

I have to agree.

I’m not comfortable sipping from most aluminum beer bottles; I always feel like the beer goes down too slowly. On the other hand, I’ve never liked the wide-mouth openings of some of the popular iced-tea brands. I’ve spilled tea all over myself on a few occasions 🙂


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