New Aluminum Bottle for Pepsi

Pepsi has launched a new 33 cl aluminum bottle with a lemon-flavored cola.

Aluminum Bottle Pepsi Twist

Aluminum Bottle Pepsi Twist

I love this bottle.

I’ve said a few times that I’ve never quite understood why beverage companies use blue to decorate their aluminum bottles.

But the Pepsi Twist aluminum bottle has bright yellow text which contrasts very nicely with the blue background.  More importantly, the long neck reminds one of traditional glass beer bottles or even demi-bottles for wine.

This aluminum bottle is resealable.  This is one feature I really appreciate.

It’s nice to able to twist-off the bottle top, take a sip, and then reseal the bottle to keep it fresh and cool for as long as possible.

My only complaint – it’s only available in Italy 😦


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