Dorada Aluminum Bottle

Dorada Aluminum Bottle

Dorada Aluminum Bottle

I just had to post about some beautiful aluminum bottles, after I saw the rather ugly aluminum bottles launched by Pepsi, which I wrote about previously.

Compañía Cervecera de Canarias (Canary Island Beer Company), part of the SAB Miller Group, launched a limited edition aluminum bottles collection of 250,000 of their popular Dorada beer for the Tenerife International Carnival.

These are truly gorgeous bottles, showcasing the art of aluminum bottle decorating, and really capture the spirit of carnival.  So they don’t look like beer bottles.  So what?  The designs speak for themselves.

The three designs are shown in the photo here.  One of them – with the Dorada text in bold – is nicknamed “Yellow Submarine,” and highlights different carnival motifs.

I went thru the SABMiller website and was surprised to find what brands they own.  Of course, I knew that they owned the Miller beer company.  But I bet most people wouldn’t know that they also owned Pilsner Urquell (the Czech beer considered #1 in the world to some afficionados), Peroni (Italy) and Grolsch (Holland).


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