Aluminum Bottles for Pepsi

Here’s another batch of aluminum bottles, right on the heels of the new Diet Coke aluminum bottles launched a few weeks ago.

Aluminum Bottles Pepsi

Aluminum Bottles Pepsi

They’re from Pepsi. And they’re ugly 😦

I guess they didn’t want to hire a fashion designer like Diane von Furstenburg or Karl Lagerfeld to design their bottles. I wrote about the new designer aluminum bottles by Diet Coke in two recent posts.

These new Pepsi aluminum bottles come in hot pink, bright yellow, and blue – not exactly colors I associate with fizzy colas. They remind me, in fact, of kitchen cleaners and medicine.

Maybe these new aluminum bottles from Pepsi are a myth? I’ve never seen them. For that matter, I think I have not seen 90% of the new aluminum bottles from Coke or Pepsi.

I really wish these aluminum bottles had wider distribution and media coverage.


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