Aluminum Bottle for Noni Juice

Aluminum Bottle -Noni Juice

Aluminum Bottle -Noni Juice

Here’s a beautifully decorated aluminum bottle for noni juice.

I guess I’ve developed some distinct preferences for colors and finishes for aluminum bottles, at least for drinks.

I really do not like the use of the natural, silver-like finish of aluminum when packaging juices and other drinks.  In a word, it looks “sterile”.  It looks too much like the aluminum bottles our company produces for storing industrial chemicals.

So I was glad to see the new aluminum bottle line of Tahitian Noni.  They come in a variety of colors.  I especially like their aluminum bottle in bright green with lemon yellow detailing.

This is another great example of the superior decorating possibilities of aluminum bottles.


One thought on “Aluminum Bottle for Noni Juice

  1. I completely agree, the design is much more inviting than the “sterile” silver. I like the green the best because it reemphasizes the environmentally friendly nature of the bottle.

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