Bellini Aluminum Bottle

Bellini Aluminum Bottle

Bellini Aluminum Bottle

It appears that the Bellini aluminum bottle with the peach-colored design actually won the Oscar from the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio.

It’s a beautifully designed and decorated bottle, much better than the aluminum gray bottle I showed in my previous post.

I copied the explanation below from the blog of Casa Vinicola Canella for their choice of aluminum:

“So what are the features of the new Bellini aluminum bottle you may ask?

  • it is enviromental friendly (aluminium can be endlessly recycled)
  • it is unbreakable (it’s perfect for beaches, boats and public gatherings)
  • it is light-weight
  • thanks to the aluminium bottling , Bellini is protected from light
  • the aluminium allows the products to cool off much quicker
  • the label doesn’t come off in the ice bucket
  • it comes in a 250cl bottle, so it contains 50cl more than a regular glass bottle
  • the product is identical to the one in glass i.e. 2 parts of sparkling wine, one part of juice and pulp of real white peaches.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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