Aluminum Bottles In Traditional Shapes

Aluminex Aluminum Bottle

Aluminex Aluminum Bottle

Now here’s an aluminum bottle design that’s perfect for beer.

I’ve gotten questions from readers on whether aluminum bottles can be shaped more like “traditional” wine and beer bottles.  To those readers – the wait is over.

CCL has released two aluminum bottle designs that look more like the beer and wine bottles you find in retail shelves. Their “Roadhouse,” design is a longneck bottle which comes in 12 oz and 16 oz sizes with crown and 28mm threaded finishes.  Another design, the “Tailgater,” has a more fully-contoured body and can have a variety of bottle finishes, including crown,  38mm threaded and 38mm lug finishes.

My gut feel is these aluminum beer bottles will have even better market acceptance.

I love some of the artsy designs I’ve seen lately.  But there’s something very appealing and comforting when you hold a bottle that is shaped like most many other beverages.  I’ve never been a fan of some of the clunkier aluminum bottle designs with no necks, which reminded me of WD-40.

This retro design, combined with aluminum’s ability to cool faster will make it appealing to many beverage producers.


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