Coke Aluminum Bottle by Mika

Coca Cola Mika Aluminum Bottle

Coca Cola Mika Aluminum Bottle

I recently came across an ebay listing for “Coke Mika” aluminum bottles.

I was wondering if this was a new Coke flavor that I was completely unaware of. It turns out it’s a design created by international singer Mika. Apparently, Coca Cola commissioned the singer to create a design for their aluminum bottle.

Mika and his sister Yasmine designed the aluminum bottle, taking inspiration from Japanese psychedelic posters from the 1960s. It’s a gorgeous bottle and clearly a collector’s item already, judging from the many ebay listings for it.

The design fees paid by Coca Cola will actually be donated to Hôpitaux de Paris (Paris Hospitals) and Hôpitaux de France (France Hospitals).

Apart from the very interesting design, what really intrigued me were the possibilities for “mass customized” aluminum bottles. If Mika could create an aluminum bottle design for a limited production run, I would imagine other artists, charitable organizations or even corporations could collaborate with Coca Cola and other aluminum bottle users to create their own co-branded bottles.

Notice that the aluminum bottle reads “Coke Mika”. Coca Cola historically has historically been loathe to share its brand names with any other entities, so this is quite remarkable.


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