Aluminum Coconut Water Bottle

Cocozona Aluminum Bottle

Cocozona Aluminum Bottle

The Arizona Beverage Company, the same company that developed the now famous green bottle with cherry blossoms, has launched a coconut water drink in a resealable aluminum bottle.

The bottle decoration is beautiful. Their aluminum bottle features a picture of a coconut with straws and tropical flowers against a deep blue tropical sky with white clouds.

Take one look at this bottle and you know exactly what’s in it. Aside from the nice coconut picture, it also reads ‘Coconut Water’ in big bold letters.

It’s also interesting how they extended the decoration to the resealable cap, which is decorated with the same illustrations of white clouds. Very creative and very appealing.

The Cocozona aluminum bottle is pretty standard from a structural perspective, but their very inventive bottle decoration makes all the difference.

I would add some Cocozona bottles to an ice cooler together with aluminum bottles of wine, whiskey and beer. Now if there were some rums packaged in aluminum bottles, I could mix one of my all-time favorite summer beach drinks – Rum & Coconut Water.


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