Aluminum Beer Bottle – Boulevard Brewing

Aluminum Bottle Boulevard Brewing

Aluminum Bottle Boulevard Brewing

Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City launched its Unfiltered Wheat Beer in a 16-ounce aluminum bottle.

As you can see, the aluminum bottle has a yellow background. A little too bright yellow for my taste. I would have preferred a darker pilsen or golden lager yellow.

But it’s a pretty bottle.

The company was prompted to develop the aluminum bottle in order to provide customers with the ability to consume beer in venues like golf courses and stadiums, where glass is prohibited. It’s a 16 oz bottle, 4 oz or 33% more than the standard beer bottle.

I actually like the proportions of the Boulevard Brewery aluminum bottle. It’s a little stubbier than most other aluminum beer bottles which tend to be slimmer. Sadly, this will be a limited production run so I doubt that we’ll see these great new bottles in the east coast.

It will probably become a collectible pretty quickly.


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