Perfume Aluminum Bottles

Fragonard Aluminum Bottle Gold

Fragonard Aluminum Bottle Gold

We haven’t seen many perfumes packaged in aluminum bottles, despite their well established advantages in keeping fragrances fresh.

Indeed, aluminum oils are used a lot for bulk storage of essential oils.  As I noted in my recent post, most aromatherapists and perfumers are careful not to expose essential oils to sunlight and heat in order not to degrade its qualities.  Retail perfume bottles are typically packaged in clear glass, which is great to show off the color of the perfume, but not so great for preserving their scent.

I was surprised to read in some of the perfume blogs and websites about the nostalgia of some scent afficionados for the few perfumes packaged in aluminum bottles.  Fortunately, there are some really beautiful perfume aluminum bottles in the market today.

Our company is actually the exclusive manufacturer for the gilded aluminum bottles used by Fragonard Parfumeur.  This exquisite bottle is described by Fragonard as  a “sophisticated ‘estagnon’ . . . which protects the perfume from the effects of light and heat.”

Fragonard Aluminum Bottle Line

Fragonard Aluminum Bottle Line

These gold aluminum bottles of Fragonard are quite stunning visually, even without the caps.  Take a look at the production line picture to the left.  It’s unfortunate, this particular Fragonard line doesn’t seem to be widely distributed in the USA.

Like aluminum beer bottles, it looks like perfumes in aluminum bottles could become collectors’ items.  There are probably far less Fragonard gold aluminum bottles than aluminum beer bottles so the collectible potential could be significant.

But I think in the case of perfume aluminum bottles, collectors will place as much value on the content as the packaging 🙂


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