Molinard Aluminum Bottle for Eaux Naturelles

Molinard Eaux Naturelle Aluminum Bottle

Molinard Eaux Naturelles Aluminum Bottle

Another customer of ours, Molinard, uses our aluminum bottles to package its line of “eaux naturelles”.  Molinard started in Grasse, France, the birthplace of the perfume industry.

The water comes in four versions: Hamamelis , Bleuet, Lavender and Rose.  They have a range of applications including for the treatment of  conjunctivitis, irritation, sore eyelids and other inflammatory eye infections.  One can use the water as a a lotion to give the skin more life and sparkle.  It’s also great for under eye bags.

This is a fairly simple bottle.  No gilding like the Fragonard bottle I blogged about earlier.  Simple paper labeling.  Basic cap.  But beautiful nonetheless.


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