New Aluminum Bottle for Diet Coke

Aluminum Bottle - Diet Coke

Aluminum Bottle - Diet Coke

Uber designer Karl Lagerfeld has come up with another aluminum bottle design, this time for Diet Coke.

The aluminum bottles are apparently inspired by three of his models – Coco Rocha, Heidi Mount and Jeneil Williams.  Indeed, these are high-fashion bottles with a decidedly haute couture look. 

I especially like the aluminum bottle in the middle of the picture with the hot pink swirling stripes.  It almost looks like it is wrapped in fabric.  Kudos not just to Lagerfeld for the designs but to the manufacturers who exectuted the design on the aluminum.

I am reminded of a question by one of my readers who asked if aluminum bottles could be made to look more like traditional glass bottles.  I have no doubt that with some smart engineering and bold designs a la Lagerfeld, we will soon start seeing such bottles in the market.


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