Aluminum Bottle for Salmon Oil – for Dogs

Aluminum Bottle for Salmon Oil

I guess animals can share in the fun and benefits of using aluminum bottles.

DogNip Brand Catch of the Day Alaskan Salmon Oil is packaged in aluminum bottles. According to, “you are making a conscious decision to provide your pet with the nutritional building blocks that just may mean a longer, happier and more comfortable lifestyle. The essential fatty acids are believed to contribute to better skin and coat along with healthy joints. Pure and natural, but your dog will think you bought it because it tastes great.”

So now, we can not only bring wine, beer, mixers, juices, whiskey to a picnic, all packaged in aluminum bottles that we can just dunk in ice coolers and bowls. We can also bring salmon oil in aluminum bottles to flavor our dogs’ food, using the convenient pump to dispense the oil. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Aluminum Bottle for Salmon Oil – for Dogs

    • You’d be surprised at the many applications – some pretty strange – for aluminum bottles. The awareness levels of aluminum’s advantages are growing. We’re going to write about these advantages from both the manufacturing and end-user perspective in the next couple of posts.

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