Aluminum Coca-Cola Bottle Collectibles

There’s actually a website that specializes in selling collectible Coca-Cola bottles. It’s called

One of the more interesting bottles on sale is the “iTunes Black Coca-Cola Zero Aluminum Bottle Record Player from Belgium”. It is described as a “hot new silver aluminum Coke bottles . . .from Belgium! Each is a work of art done for the iTunes + Coke advertisements. Music is the theme of each of the three different Coca-Cola bottles were done – Classic Coke in a red bottle; Coca-Cola light in a silver bottle; and Coca-Cola zero in a black bottle.”

I wonder – does this bottle have a built-in MP3 player? It’s going for $16 per bottle. Maybe they’re just referring to the theme music played in the TV commercial? In any case, it’s one of the most interesting aluminum bottles around these days.

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